Metaverse: Identity, Origin And Development


  • Dr. BRAHIMI Youcef


This scientific study dealt with the conceptual framework of the Metaversespace under smart digital environments according to the cultural, social, economic and scientific contexts of numerous researchers, as the term’s views diversity was the reason for its prominence at the real level.The latter is what prompted many tech giants in developed countries to try to adopt this modern digital space by investing in it through the development of technical pillars that will be a locomotive for Metaverse and future generations. This study also discussed the main roots that led to its evolution and emergence at the material level by presenting the most important stages of this new-born (Metaverse). Moreover, significant developments in the evolution of Metaverse according to the perception of various scientific studies under the highly developed digital environments were presented. On the other hand, we dived into the essential components of Metaverse, which are the technical segment and the fertile digital environment in which they are active. It concluded by showcasing the main improvements and disadvantages that it possesses in the context of accelerating technological accumulation and the multiplicity of digital environments with extraordinary specifications.




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