The Impact Of Human Capital On Innovation Green At Al-Muthanna University In Iraq


  • Muslim Jabbar Jundi


This research was conducted with the aim of the impact of human capital on green innovation at the public university in the governorate. Muthanna in Iraq. The research statistical community includes employees of public universities in the Iraqi Al-Muthani Governorate. Their number was 770, and the sample size was 335 using the Cochrane equation, and they were selected using the available random sampling method.

This research is descriptive and correlational in terms of the applied purpose and method of data collection. In this research, it was used. Field method (questionnaire) to collect information related to confirming or rejecting research hypotheses. In this research was done. Experts in industry and university were consulted to validate it, and finally the validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by the supervisor. Also, Cronbach's alpha method was used to measure the reliability of the measurement instrument, and the reliability and validity of both questionnaires were found to be good. Higher than 0.7, which indicates high reliability of the questionnaires. In order to collect information related to the literature of the subject, The library method was used. The results showed that human capital (human capital knowledge, human capital skill.Human capital and human capital experience have a positive and significant impact on green innovation in public universities in Muthanna Governorate, Iraq.




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